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Hello, we're Comfy

Meet our Founder,
Esther du Plessis.

Founded by Esther du Plessis, Comfy is a proudly South African direct to consumer bedding brand focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. 

At Comfy, we believe the most significant sign of quality is how each fabric feels to the touch. Whether you’re a hot sleeper looking for something light or simply searching for the ultimate in bedding luxury, we have it. 

Are you ready to shop the Comfy bedding and bath collection online? Browse our bedding and towels store to see what we have on offer.

“We created Comfy to deliver timeless and beautiful products for your comfort at a fair price.”

- Esther du Plessis, Founder.

  • Comfort

    The quality of what we provide with our bedding is a cornerstone of Comfy. All of our bedding is crafted with the idea of the ultimate comfort and relaxation at its core.

  • Culture

    As a proudly South African company, we understand the importance of having and sticking to the highest ideals across the board. From how we treat our employees to how we handle customers, everything is done with the same level of care and consideration.

  • Best Value

    Top quality without compromise. It’s that simple. Everything we create at Comfy needs to meet our high standards of excellence. Which means value for money, attentive customer service, transparency in dealings and above all, a commitment to consistency in everything we do.


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