What GSM is the Best for My Duvet Cover: Your Questions Answered

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What GSM is the Best for My Duvet Cover: Your Questions Answered

A good duvet cover will last you between 3 and 10 years. So, it’s important to make sure you purchase the right one. Afterall, you’ll be sleeping on or under it for a long time. So what’s the best GSM factor for you next duvet cover, and why does it matter?

In this article we’ll help you understand the importance of GSM as it relates to bedding, and we’ll help you choose the best GSM for you particular needs.


What is GSM?

GSM, as it pertains to cotton products, refers to the Grams Per Square meter of a towel, blanket, or duvet cover. This is indicating to you what thickness the product is, and how much cotton material has been layered to achieve that thickness.


Why is GSM So Important?

It goes without saying that cotton is an extremely soft and comfortable material. In fact, it’s considered to be the most comfortable material in the world for blankets, towels, etc. Not only is cotton soft and comfortable, it’s also very absorbent, making it the perfect material for towels. But it’s also great for duvet covers, because absorbent material lends a breathability to your sleep, and absorbs & dries any sweat your body may give off.

Obviously the higher the GSM, the softer the fabric. But softness isn’t everything when it comes to 100% pure cotton duvet covers and towels. You may think you want a high GSM so that your fabric will be as soft as possible, but before you come to that conclusion, read further.


What’s the Best GSM for my Duvet Cover?

A GSM of between 320 and 360 is the ideal measure for duvet covers. Why is that? Well, if you manufacture duvet covers above 360, you start to sacrifice the breathability of the fabric. So instead of having a light and breathable duvet cover, you now have a warm one. This doesn’t bode well for those who sleep hot in their beds.

Softness Versus Breathability

So, if the GSM is too low, the fabric isn’t as soft. But if it’s too think, the fabric will no longer be breathable and light. For this reason, it’s important to strike the perfect balance between these two characteristics. At Comfy, we believe we’ve found that balance based on in-depth research and the opinions of you as consumers.

A Perfect Balance

The perfect combination of breathability and softness in duvet covers can be found at 320 GSM. We found that 320 is the most fitting GSM for the South African customer. Our duvet covers are light & soft, while possessing a breathability that suits hot and cold sleepers.

Our goal is to provide you with the most luxurious duvet cover money can buy, while keeping the affordability of our products reasonable. Now you can enjoy hotel-quality duvet covers at a price that suits you!


Frequently Asked Questions about GSM

Now let’s answer some of the questions we’ve been asked. Don’t see your question here? Feel free to contact Comfy directly and let us know how we can best assist you with the purchase of your next duvet cover set.


What’s the Most Comfortable Linen Material in the World?

Most people agree that duvet covers and sheets made from 100% cotton are the most comfortable. Of course, various GSMs of these products exist, and much of what is labelled as cotton isn’t 100% pure cotton. Also, some cotton products have a very low GSM and won’t be as durable. So choose carefully when you do your linen shopping. Only choose 100% cotton products that come at a 320 GSM or higher.


What’s the Best GSM for Cold Sleepers?

Cold countries usually purchase their linen at 500 GSM or higher. However, these duvet covers and sheets are extremely expensive, and somewhat unnecessary for countries where it doesn’t get cold enough to snow. For the average South African, a 320-360 GSM is suitable for staying warm at night—even in winter.


What is Pima Cotton?

Pima Cotton is the softest variation of all cotton varieties. South African cotton products are usually made from African Cotton, which is a good product. Comfy sources African cotton as well as Pima cotton. Pima cotton is largely sourced from the US, Australia, and Peru. It is considered to be the softest and most luxurious of all cotton types.


How Do I Care for 100% Cotton Duvet Covers?

Looking after your 100% cotton linen is actually quite easy. Overthinking the washing process is unnecessary and will usually result in the fabric wearing out quicker. Learn how to care for your cotton products by reading our care guide for 100% cotton duvet covers. You’ll quickly notice that ironing is unnecessary, and drying out in the sun is perfectly acceptable.


What is ELS Cotton?

ELS stands for Extra-Long Staple. This term describes cotton that has been manufactured of fibres that exceed 34mm. ELS cotton fabrics are the highest quality in the world, and Pima cotton falls under the ELS range.


Can I Buy a Comfy Gift Card as a Gift for Someone Else?

Absolutely! A comfy gift card makes an excellent wedding gift and allows the recipient to build and choose their own linen preferences. You can purchase a gift card by contacting us directly and we’ll hook you up!


Is it Advisable to Buy My Home Bedding Online?

There are a number of advantages to buying your duvet covers and sheets online. In fact, we wrote a whole article about why you should consider only buying your bedding online. Give it a read and pop back onto our home page to start your shopping!


How Can Various GSMs Be Characterized?

To get a good idea of how to shop for your cotton bedding, use the following guideline:

  • 200-280 GSM: Usually less expensive and very breathable, but not as soft or durable.
  • 320-360 GSM: A good balance between affordability and quality. Soft, absorbent. and breathable. Great for the South African market.
  • 400-600 GSM: Very soft and warm. Not very breathable. Extremely expensive. Usually purchased in very cold countries.


What’s the Best GSM for People Who Sweat While They Sleep?

A great characteristic of cotton is that it not only absorbs moisture, but dries it too. For people who sweat, this is a godsent, because their 100% cotton sheets and duvet covers absorb their sweat while they sleep, and then release that moisture out into the room. People who sweat while they sleep should only use 100% cotton bedding with a 320 GSM factor.


What Makes Pima Cotton So Special?

Machine harvested cotton tends to lose much of its quality. The reason Pima cotton is so much better than other varieties is because it is handpicked during harvesting. Pima cotton fabric also falls under the ELS range, making it superior to other types of cotton products available in South Africa.


Is Pima Cotton More Expensive than African Cotton?

Pima cotton is more expensive due to the high quality. However, companies like Comfy purchase their cotton in bulk, allowing us to make our products available at much more affordable prices.


Is Pima Cotton Better than Egyptian Cotton?

A lot of the cotton labelled as ‘Egyptian Cotton’ in South Africa is not pure Egyptian cotton. Pure Egyptian cotton is very expensive and hard to find within the commercial linen industry in South Africa. Pima cotton is more affordable and has a very similar texture to Egyptian cotton. The question of which one is the best is a matter of opinion, but most people can’t tell the difference upon feeling both.


What Cotton Products are Typically Used in Hotels?

The best hotels in South Africa source super plush towels and ultra-soft cotton bedding for their guests. Bathrobes are usually also manufactured from 100% cotton. Most five-star hotels will use Pima Cotton products to give their guests a feeling of ultimate luxury. Many of the hotels in South Africa actually buy directly from Comfy, so when you buy online from us, you’re getting hotel quality product.


Final Thoughts

We hope this has answered all of your questions about cotton GSM, Pima cotton duvet covers, and cotton products in general. If you do have other questions about our products, feel free to contact us and we’ll do what we can to assist your decision making.


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