Different Pillows for Different Types of Sleepers

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Different Pillows for Different Types of Sleepers


The type of sleeper you are does have an influence on which pillow you should be using. Different types of pillows have different pros and cons, which is why it’s so important to choose the right one.


Hopefully, Comfy can help you with this decision, by suggesting some of the best and well-balanced pillows on the South African market. But first, we must determine what kind of a sleeper you are. Once you know that, you can better decide on which pillows will result in your healthiest sleep.


What Kind of Sleeper are You?

If we listed all the types of sleepers here, we’d probably never end this article. Fortunately, we can easily categorise different types of sleepers to better understand why they sleep the way they do, and how they can be better accommodated during the night.


Remember, sleeping well is essential to your health, So, let’s help you understand what kind of sleeper you are and which pillow will best suit your sleeping type. To summarise, these are the different types of sleepers. Which one are you?

  • Snorers
  • Light sleepers
  • Restless sleepers
  • Heavy sleepers
  • Side sleepers
  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers


These may cross over somewhat for you, and they may change depending on seasonal changes and/or what’s going on in your life at the time. Take another look at ask yourself which of these you most identify with. Now, let’s talk pillows!


Pillows for Snorers

People who snore during the night may do so for various reasons. It could be the position they are sleeping in, or the fact that they’re smokers. It could also be a nasal related issue, or simply the fact that they are so relaxed, they snore without even realising it.


Can pillows assist with snoring? While the right pillow may not always solve the issue of snoring, it can help some to minimise the tendency. Often, snoring is caused because of a lack of support in the person’s pillow. A soft but supportive pillow, such as down pillows, can have a positive effect on snoring in general.


Pillows for Light Sleepers

Light sleepers wake up at any small noise nearby. This can cause a lot of fatigue and irritability the next day, because sleep is constantly interrupted. Light sleepers tend to use white noise to drown out all those small noises that may occur during the night.


But ultimately, a light sleeper craves a deeper level of comfort which tends to lull them back to sleep even if they happen to wake up. A combination of softness and firmness is the way to go for light sleepers, making down alternative pillows one of the best pillow choices.


Pillows for Restless Sleepers

People who move around a lot in their sleep also experience fatigue the next day. Their bodies are restless and energetic at the worst possible times. Sleeping with a restless sleeper can be difficult if you’re not a heavy sleeper.


Much of this restlessness is just a predisposition, but can also be caused by a pillow that doesn’t contour to the head and neck of that person. In cases like these, switching to a down pillow can make a massive difference.


Pillows for Heavy Sleepers

A person who can sleep through the live game of a rugby match is the envy of many. Heavy sleepers often don’t care what pillow they are sleeping on, because when the lights go out, so do they!


However, heavy sleepers often complain about neck and backpain, because their sleep is so deep, they don’t notice any discomfort during the night. If this sounds like you, then consider getting a firmer pillow that supports your head and neck.


Pillows for Side Sleepers

Those who sleep on their sides usually sleep with their hands or arms underneath their pillows. Because the pillow is being pushed from both sides, it can often feel mis-shaped and uncomfortable.


A pillow that sufficiently accommodates for this by contouring on both sides, provides a very comfortable sleep for side sleepers. Down pillows work best, or alternative down pillows for those who are allergic to down.


Pillows for Back Sleepers

Sleeping on your back is considered one of the healthiest ways to sleep. People who do so love the feeling of their pillow touching the sides of their heads. King pillows that are firm and soft are a great way to maximise this comfortable feeling. Even better, get a king size down alternative pillow for best results!


Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Many people who tend to struggle with anxiety and depression find solace in sleeping on their stomachs. Because of this, it’s important to use a pillow that is cleaned often, to prevent dust and mites from entering the orifices of the face and ears.


Choose a pillow that’s easy to clean and dry. Down and down alternative pillows are safe to hand wash or machine wash, and can be dried easily in the sun. This makes them the perfect pillows for washing and drying during loadshedding.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pillows

If you have a question about which is the best pillow to buy, look further down below and see if we’ve included it. If not, feel free to message Comfy and we’ll make every effort to give you the best possible advice.


Is it Better to Sleep on a Hard or a Soft Pillow?

Experts concur that sleeping on a pillow that contours to the head and neck is the best pillow to sleep on. That’s why so many pillows are now manufactured to provide a combination of softness and firmness. Memory foam, latex, down and alternative down pillows tend to do this the best.


What’s the Most Luxurious Pillow?

Down pillows, although expensive, are considered to be the most luxurious pillows by most. For those who are allergic to down, down alternative pillows are the next best thing!


What’s are the Healthiest Types of Pillows?

Latex pillows are among the cleanest pillows on the market. However, they are quite expensive and difficult to wash. Down and down alternative pillows can be washed often while retaining their durability, making them one of the best options for your health.


How Do I Know if My Pillow is Disrupting My Sleep?

If you’d like to determine whether your pillow is hindering your sleep, do the following:

  • Identify what kind of a sleeper you are
  • Research the various pillows on the market
  • Recognise which pillow you have
  • Switch to the right pillow for your sleep type


Why Are Hotel Pillows So Comfortable?

Hotels generally use down alternative or down pillows. They provide a massive level of comfort and can be washed and used repeatedly without losing their firmness. These pillows are now available to the public and have a great balance of comfort, easy maintenance, and price.


Luxury hotels also ensure that their pillow cases are 100% cotton, which adds to the comfort and breathability of their pillows.


Why Do Pillows Lose their Firmness Over Time?

The two main reasons pillows lose their firmness is because of quality, and the fill of the pillow. Pillows may feel firm when you first buy them, but the fill of that pillow will determine how long that firmness lasts after it’s been washed a few times.


A good pillow will retain its firmness even after many washes, which is why we recommend down pillows if you’re looking to invest in long-lasting comfort.


How Much Should I Be Spending on a Good Pillow?

You could spend anywhere between R350 to R1 700 for a really good pillow. Find one that fits your budget by shopping online for the best deal.


Which Pillow is Best for Kids?

Kids should sleep with a pillow that’s;

  • Easy to wash
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Covered in a 100% cotton pillowcase
  • Firm yet soft


Therefore, regular sized down alternative pillows are the best type of pillow for kids.


Final Thoughts

Now that you know how much a good pillow can improve your sleep, you’ll be better equipped to choose the best pillows for your home. Remember that a good pillow is an investment, so even though you’re paying a bit more for your pillow, make sure you’re buying one that will last a long time and will be easy to maintain.


Learn more about Comfy’s range of pillows and enjoy the benefits of great sleep!


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