Comfy Bathroom Towels—The Quick Way to Upgrade Your Bathroom

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Comfy Bathroom Towels—The Quick Way to Upgrade Your Bathroom


Bath towels are never ‘just’ towels. Having the luxury of quality towels in your bathroom means you can have a spa-like experience every time you take a shower or spend some time relaxing in the bath. Wrapping yourself—or your child—in the soft, plush fabric can immediately calm someone, giving you a chance to breathe after a hectic day.


With Comfy’s range of bath towels, this experience is optimised thanks to our range of quality African cotton. Here’s all you can look forward to when turning your bathroom into your favourite place to escape to.


Different Towel Collections for Different Customers

At Comfy we understand that each customer has a unique set of preferences when buying for their homes. In terms of towels, you may be after a more absorbent fabric, or you simply need a towel that dries quickly, preventing a small bathroom from smelling damp all the time. Or is it the luxurious feel of high-end goods that you’re after?


See? We thought about home towels from every perspective and then added towel products to our ranges that will satisfy anyone. These short explanations will help you gauge which collection will work for you.


Ultra Light

Yes, this is the collection available at a lower price point. But by no means does that mean we compromised on quality.


Here we picked 380gsm African Cotton fabric, and these quality fibres result in a soft texture that will be gentle on your skin. The fabric is lightweight—great for travelling—but extremely durable. On the practical side, you’ll find that these towels dry quickly, which is good news for washing day; and you won’t have a damp towel or bath mat the next time you shower.



If you’re looking for home towels that will add a sense of elegance to your space, Comfy’s Plush range is what you need. And because we want all consumers to be able to enjoy luxurious living, we’re proud to bring these high-end products at a price you can afford.


The Comfy team picked 480gsm fabric, with all products made from pure African Cotton. These fibres are what give you the luxury feel when wrapping yourself in one of these bath towels or bath sheets.


In addition, you’ll find these towels more absorbent than the average bathroom towels. Thanks to the long fibres of African Cotton, they’re very durable, giving you excellent value for money.


These towels’ fibres tend to get softer with each wash, so over time you’ll enjoy the towels more and more.


Super Plush

Our top-of-the-range collection carries the name ‘Super Plush’ which perfectly describes the texture of these 630gsm African Cotton bath towels.


Your skin will love the luxurious feel of the soft fibres and the fluffy surface is extremely comforting and won’t be abrasive, even if you have very sensitive skin.


The towels look and feel amazing, but they also function well since they’re highly absorbent. Drying your hair becomes so much easier when you have the right towel!


Comfy’s Available Towel Products

Part of what makes Comfy so popular with our customers is the variety and freedom of choice we offer. This also extends to our towel range since we give you various sizes—and some additional bathroom products—to pick from and create your perfect towel range.


Just need hand towels for the guest bathroom? Or are you looking forward to being enveloped in a bath sheet? Will white work for you, or do you want to try a new colour palette in the bathroom?


Whether buying for home use or commercial purposes, (such as stocking your spa’s cupboards or your Airbnb) we have all you need.


Towel Colours

Picking the right colour will help you transform the look of your bathroom, so even the aesthetic of that space can put you in a better mood at the end of the day. We picked neutral shades of which at least one will easily match your bathroom’s current style.


Whether you pick from the Ultra Light, Plush or Super Plush bath towel collection, you can select one of the following colours:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Natural
  • Charcoal


And remember, thanks to Comfy’s dynamic approach to product orders, it’s up to you whether you want all items to match, or if you want to create a custom set of home towels by picking a different hue for each item.


Comfy Towel Range Size Chart

You can use your new Comfy towel set to create a sense of consistency in your bathroom, by using products from our ranges for all your bathroom linen.


Description L W
Face cloth 30cm 30cm
Hand towels 90cm 50cm
Bath towel 130cm 70cm
Bath sheet 160cm 90cm
Bath mat 80cm 52cm

Take it one step further and have a sense of cohesion throughout your interior spaces, thanks to Comfy’s bedroom collections that match beautifully with the bathroom sets. Use the same or similar colours, or simply let our colour palette guide you in redecorating your spaces. You can do it all with just one order from Comfy.


Bath Sheets vs Bath Towels—Which One Should You Pick?

For clarity, a bath sheet is a larger version of the traditional bath towel, and customers use them for the same purpose.


We do advise that you try one of our bath sheets because they trump normal-sized towels in certain ways:

  • Absorbency: It’s basic science! There’s a larger surface area, so your bath sheet will be able to absorb more water than a smaller one. Some people do find one ordinary towel doesn’t suffice, in which case a bath sheet is your solution.
  • Comfort: With a bath sheet, most people can wrap themselves in this maxi towel and enjoy more coverage. When buying quality, fluffy, plush towels like the ones from Comfy, this will lend a sense of comfort to the moment.
  • Luxury: Stay in a luxury hotel and chances are those stylishly folded towels on the bed are bath sheets. Enjoy that sense of high-end living right in your own home by stocking your cupboards with these plus-size home towels.


Comfy Towel Collections Quick Reference Guide

Ultra Light Plush Super Plush
GSM 360 480 630
Standout Feature/s Gentle

Quick drying




Luxurious feel


More absorbent

Sizes available All All All
Fabric African Cotton African Cotton African Cotton
Colours White













Bathroom Accessories Worth Your Consideration

As seen above, Comfy offers additional products apart from towels, such as face cloths. Furthermore, you can optimise your bathroom’s look and feel with the following:

  • Bathroom mats
  • Body wash
  • Body lotion


Invest in quality products for different aspects of your bathroom and you’ll give it an instant upgrade.


Comfy Bath Towels Care Tips and FAQ

What is African Cotton?

African Cotton is known for its quality and this cotton is sourced exclusively from sources in Africa. It’s cotton with long fibres, adding to the fabric’s durability. African Cotton often comes from small-time farmers, rather than large plantations and farmers hand-pick the crops.


How to Clean Comfy’s Bathroom Towels and Bath Mat Sets

We prioritise helping our customers enjoy luxury living, but we believe that should be paired with easy maintenance. That’s why we picked durable fabrics that you can machine wash and hang outside to dry, without risking damage to your new towels. Towels are practical for homes or businesses where they’re washed often, since the fibres can actually get softer with each wash, without deteriorating.


What does GSM Mean for Towels?

GSM stands for grams per square meter and it’s used for towels made of cotton or bamboo. The GSM rating you’ll see with each towel product refers to the quality, density and weight details of the fabric. These characteristics will influence a towel’s feel, but also how it performs.


How Often Should You Wash Your Towels?

Washing home towels daily is impractical, unnecessary, and not eco-friendly; since you’re wasting water and power. Experts suggest you should use towels for about 3 days before taking a fresh one from the cupboard and washing the used one. Although you may not develop health problems when using a towel longer than a few days, remember that towels absorb moisture and create an ideal environment for bacteria to breed.


What is the Colour Towel that’s Easiest to Keep Clean?

Surprisingly, most people find it easiest to care for white towels. Because you don’t have to worry about fading colours, you have a wider range of cleaning products to use on your towels if they should acquire stains.


Why Customers Love Comfy’s Towels

You can find all your bathroom linen needs right here at Comfy and here’s why we’re the vendor of choice for our happy customers:

  • Wide range
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Affordable luxury
  • Customisable towel sets
  • Easy ordering process
  • Friendly customer service


We’re ready to help you experience that spa vibe in your own bathroom.


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