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13 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for 2023

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13 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for 2023

Got a wedding coming up? Your soon-to-be-wed hosts will love this compilation of thoughtful wedding gifts we’ve come up with here at Comfy. We’ve focused on allowing the happy new couple to enjoy the excitement of choosing their own version of the gift you’ve bought them.

To be clear, several of these are also some of the best gift card ideas we could find on the web—and they’re all available in South Africa! So, choose the one you think best suits their new life together.


A Wide Range at Nespresso

Nespresso is an excellent site to purchase a gift card as your next wedding gift. It’s packed with awesome products, such as coffee machines, coffee beans, silverware, and other accessories for coffee lovers.

Keep the happy new couple alert and awake with some of the most luxurious coffee-related gifts on the market in South Africa. They’ll get to choose from Atelier Oï designer spoons, Vertuo coffee machines, and some of the best tasting coffee pods out there.


A New Duvet Cover Set

What newly married couple wouldn’t love a brand new duvet cover set? Here’s why buying a wedding gift card from Comfy is such a good idea?


Build a Custom Duvet Cover Set

The newly wed couple can sit in the comfort of their home and build their own set of duvet covers; including colours, size, type of material and more. They also have the option of choosing one of the many bundles offered by Comfy.


Enjoy 100% Pima Cotton or Cotton Rich Duvet Covers

They can comfortably choose between cotton rich duvet covers, or 100% Pima Cotton; both of which are considered the most comfortable bedding material in the world!


Get Pillow Covers in Different Colours

Pillow covers are included in a typic duvet cover purchase, and your couple can pick matching or alternative colours for their pillowcases.


His or Hers Headphones

You can be sure that a pair of his and hers headphones will never go unused by your newly-wed friends or family members. Skullcandy produces some of the most sought after headphones on the market, and the colours they come in are lots of fun to say the least.

Better yet, let them choose their own. Get a gift card from Takealot and allow the newly married couple to choose their favourite Skullcandy headphones.


The Very Best in Luxury Cookware

Did you know that Le Creuset pots and pans come with a lifetime guarantee? These kitchen marvels have been specifically designed to distribute heat to minimise the possibility of burning food. Many can attest to the enhanced flavour and even cooking that results from cooking in a Le Creuset pot or pan.


The Le Creuset website also has a gift registry, so if you’re the one getting married, pop online and find your favourite product. If you’re considering a Le Creuset cooking product as your next wedding present, visit one of their stores and purchase a gift card for your wedding hosts. They always have great discounts and deals on the go, making this an excellent wedding gift idea.


An Answer to Loadshedding

There are a number of small, compact UPS devices available online. These make excellent wedding presents during a time where power cuts are so prevalent.  Once again, Takealot provides a number of these nifty little devices; perfect for charging phones, vapes and laptops during those pesky loadshedding times.


A New Set of Bathroom Towels and Facecloths

How about buying your newlyweds a complete bathroom overhaul. A Comfy gift card will work super well for this, with their bathroom towel, facecloth and bathmat variety. Let them choose between the following bathroom towels for their home.


Ultra Light Cotton Bathroom Towels

Quick Drying and super absorbent, Ultra Light bathroom towels are a great addition to any newlywed couple’s bathroom. These towels are made from 100% African cotton, and come in 360 GSM (Grams Per Square meter).


Plush 100% African Cotton Towels

Plush towels are incredibly soft and absorb moisture well. The plush bathroom towels at Comfy are manufactured at 480 GSM, making them thick and luxurious.


Super Plush Bathroom Towels

If your wedding couple want to go hyper luxurious, they can also opt for Super Plush Cotton towels, which are made with a whopping 630 GSM! Comfy provides many hotels in South Africa with these amazingly plush towels, and they are very sought after for those who love soft towels.


Facecloths and Bathmats

You can also add facecloths and bathmats to the options they can choose from. From as little as R19 per facecloth, and R119 per bathmat, your newlywed hosts will be spoilt for choice with so many awesome colours, levels of softness, and types of bathroom accessories.


Lego Bonding Time

Lego offers a huge array of building projects for adults as well as for kids. The adult Lego sets are massively elaborate, and take hours of concentration to build. Imagine your newlywed friends sitting at their coffee table working on their new Lego project together, and consider this as a great (and somewhat unique) wedding gift.


Fancy Chess Board

If you live in the Gauteng area, then House of Chess is a great place to shop for a wedding gift. The staff are friendly, helpful, and passionate about the game of chess. High end wooden, metal, stone or glass chess boards make great centre pieces for couples who don’t play chess. And for those who do, what an awesome wedding gift!


The King of Pillows

Whether your newly married couple have a king size bed or not, king size pillows make a great wedding gift. The ones supplied by Comfy are large, comfortable, and come in soft or firm. King pillows will ensure that the happy new couple are comfortable at night; and the best part is, they can choose their own pillowcases with each order.

That’s another reason to buy a Comfy gift card as your next wedding gift!


Quick & Easy Cooking with an Air Fryer

For the past several years, air fryers have been all the rage in the world of cooking. Healthier than microwave heating, and much more versatile with cooking from scratch; and air fryer is one of the best gifts you can give as a wedding present. They’ll have a whole range of new snacks and meals they can try:

  • Buffalo wings
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Kale or carrot chips
  • Spring rolls

…and so much more!

We highly recommend Russel Hobbs as your brand of choice. These air fryers are high quality, and well-priced within the kitchen appliance market. Easy to use and convenient, get an air fryer as your next wedding present.


Wedding Picture Frames

There will be a ton of photos at the end of the wedding, and framing some of the best ones will be a keen project for your newly wed couple. Photo frames can be obtained pretty much anywhere in South Africa, but if you’re looking for something more high end and fancy, try The Home Quarter or Rustic Frames. Great deals for your next wedding gift.


Cutlery Sets

We came across some awesome cutlery sets that would all make an excellent wedding present. Lavish’d has a bunch of options for you to choose from, and their deals are quite reasonable. High end brands such as Omada, Jenna Clifford, and Jan can be purchased directly or included in your next wedding gift card. A definite must for any newly married couple in South Africa.


Scatter Cushions

Just when you thought we were done recommending Comfy as your next wedding gift card idea, enter scatter cushions too! Yes, high quality scatter cushions will last your newly married couple a very long time, so why not indulge them with a wedding present like this?

They can choose between Chenille Lumbar cushions which are soft and come in four classic colours, or Velvet Feather Fill Scatter Cushions which have a more silky feel to them. This is one of those gifts that the lady of the house will most likely adore, so get your Comfy gift card today and make her happy.


Final Thoughts

You don’t have to stick to convention when it comes to buying a wedding gift. Be different, be original, and choose one of these awesome gifts as your next wedding present.

And don’t forget to visit yourself for some of the best deals in duvet cover sets, scatter cushions, king pillows, and fitted sheets.


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