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The Ultimate Care Guide for Luxury Pima Cotton Bedding

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The Ultimate Care Guide for Luxury Pima Cotton Bedding

You just love feeling the luxurious, soft texture of a Pima Cotton duvet cover or sheet on your skin. But how do you ensure you can experience that luxury once your bedding isn’t brand new anymore?

Not to worry. Caring for Luxury Pima Cotton is easier than you think.

Also, you may even love the texture more later on, since it gets softer over time.

Care Guidelines for Luxury Pima Cotton Bedding

One of the reasons why our customers pick Luxury Pima Cotton bedding is its easy maintenance. Using very little time and effort you can clean your sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases to maintain a hygienic environment while keeping your home bedding in tip-top shape.

Note: we do advise you to refer to product labels, but the following maintenance guidelines apply in most cases when you purchase our Pima Cotton bedding products.

Yes, You Can Machine Wash Pima Cotton Bedding

With many luxury brands you’ll see fabric labels warning against the dangers of machine washing. Not so with Pima Cotton, thanks to the fabric being extremely durable.

This type of cotton has longer fibres than traditional cotton—even the 100% cotton products you may have sought out until now. As a result, it’s less likely to fray, pill and deteriorate after a few washes. So, no hand washing necessary with products in this Comfy range.

Surprisingly, this fabric may even improve over time because it tends to get softer after each wash.

Therefore, pop it in the washer whenever it’s time to strip the beds and let the machine do the work.

If you don’t use the washing machine, hand washing is a safe alternative.

Helpful Washing Tips

  • To reduce heavy creasing, wash smaller loads at a time and remove the bedding from the machine as soon as the cycle finishes.
  • Even with high-quality linens like the ones in our range it’s best to separate washing according to colour. There’s always a chance that colour can transfer from one item to another when they are wet.

Temperature Guidelines

Although durable, do take care when picking ironing and washing temperatures for Pima Cotton bedding. At extremely high temperatures damaging the fibres becomes more likely and fabric may shrink, so only wash in cold to warm water, never hot.

Pima Cotton is Tumble Dry Friendly

Air drying is always safe, but you can also trust your tumble dryer with your Luxury Pima Cotton Duvet Set or other products in this Comfy range. The movement and friction won’t easily damage the fabric, as long as you keep heat as low as possible.

If you’re not using a tumble dryer, line drying or lying the bed linen flat will work well and cause fewer creases.

How to Iron Your Pima Cotton Bedding

As mentioned, using extreme heat on Pima Cotton isn’t wise, so always set your iron at a low temperature when you need to take out some wrinkles. Luckily, Pima Cotton is known to be wrinkle-resistant, so you won’t need to iron much anyway.

Handy Ironing Tips

  • To protect the fibres and maintain their longevity, place a thin cloth over the bedding when ironing.
  • Our experts suggest ironing while the fabric is still damp, as this results in crisper bedding that will feel extra luxurious to sleep in. It’s also less likely to damage the fabric.
  • If your iron has a cotton setting, always use it for ironing Pima Cotton linens.
  • Steam isn’t always necessary, so only use it if there are obvious creases that won’t disappear with normal ironing.

Can I Use Fabric Softener?

Our experts advise against using fabric softener when washing Pima Cotton Bedding. Even with products of the highest quality, softeners can result in the fabric losing some of its colour and lustre. Over time it may start looking dull and even acquire a layer of residue on the fibres.

Storing Your Pima Cotton Bedding

For storing purposes, you can either hang your linen or fold them and place them on a shelf. In both cases the high-quality fabric will keep well. When you need to make up the bed with them again they may need some airing out if they’ve been in storage long.

Helpful Storage Tips

  • A cupboard that’s cool and dry is the best for storing linens.
  • Don’t place linen in a cardboard box or plastic bag when in storage. You may think you’re protecting the fabric, but it can lead to fibres deteriorating, even in high-quality cotton products.
  • A wooden chest is also not ideal for bed linen


What to Avoid when Cleaning Pima Cotton Bedding

At Comfy we don’t compromise and we commit to always supplying customers with top quality products, such as Luxury Pima Cotton bedding. These linens are very durable but they do still require proper care. For this reason, avoid the following:

  • As mentioned, don’t add fabric softener to the wash and avoid placing your sheets in the dryer. Both the chemicals and the fragrances in these products aren’t good for Pima Cotton.
  • Never add chlorine bleach to a wash, because it will damage the fabric, affect the colour and result in it having a yellow tint. If you feel bleaching is necessary, try natural bleach products, but first test it on one item rather than washing an entire load.
  • Our experts advise you not to have Pima Cotton bedding dry cleaned.


Easy Maintenance Fabric—What to Expect of Pima Cotton

Still wondering if it’s worth investing in Pima Cotton bedding such as duvet sheets, pillowcases, or sheets? There are multiple reasons why this range of products is so closely associated with easy linen maintenance. Here’s what you’re going to enjoy when investing in this quality range of home bedding products.

Excellent Durability

Because Pima Cotton comes from a specific cotton plant—not traditional cotton plants—the fabric’s fibres are longer and more durable. It doesn’t fray easily, so there’s less risk of activities like a machine wash and tumble drying harming your bedding. This opens the door to much easier washing methods than with some other high-end bedding products.

Softer After Each Wash

Your bedding will get softer? Yes.

It’s a well-known feature of Pima Cotton that the fibres will change when washed, but instead of deteriorating they simply become softer. The sheets and covers will be even more luxurious to sleep in the next time you put them on the bed. Is that enough motivation to get the washing done?

Quick Dry Cotton

Don’t have much time to get the washing done today? Luckily your Pima Cotton linens won’t take too long to dry, whether you put them in the dryer or hang them outside. The breathable fabric allows for excellent airflow and will dry out faster than some fabrics that retain moisture.

Less Fading

You’ll love sleeping in your Pima Cotton bedding for years to come thanks to its luxurious feel but also its aesthetic appeal. Our products’ stunning colours won’t fade quickly—as long as you follow the correct care guidelines—so you can still have an impressive-looking bedroom, years down the line.

Cotton for a Busy Lifestyle—Saving You Time and Effort

The details above clearly prove that it takes less time to look after your bedding if it’s made from Pima Cotton. Investing in bedding and duvet sets of this quality makes sense for anyone with a fast-paced lifestyle, looking for ways to save some time and energy. Who knew that changing your bedding could be an easy solution to that problem?



Does Pima Cotton Really Need Ironing?

The amount of creasing your Pima Cotton duvet covers, sheets or pillowcases have will depend on your washing and drying methods. However, this high-quality fabric doesn’t wrinkle very easily. So, if you keep to the right temperature settings, don’t overload the washer and take out linens as soon as a wash cycle ends, they won’t be too wrinkly.

However, are you a perfectionist that wants the linens flawless, or will a few faint wrinkles not bother you? In the end, it’s up to personal preference whether you want to iron your Pima Cotton linens or not.

How to Soften Pima Cotton Bedding

We mentioned not using fabric softener and it’s a characteristic of Pima Cotton that it can get softer each time you wash it. However, you may want to soften the fabric even more, in which case you can add about 1 cup of vinegar to your next machine wash. Another option is to hang-dry Pima Cotton sheets and duvet covers, especially if they’re still fairly new.


Do You Have More Questions for Us?

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