Luxury Pima Cotton Duvet Cover Set – Your Must-Have Bedding This Year

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Did you know experts believe your bedding can impact your health? Luckily, with your Luxury Pima Cotton duvet cover set, you’re guaranteed a better night’s sleep which can result in better memory, healthier metabolism and of course the ultimate in comfort each night when you slip between the covers.

Here’s all you need to know about the Luxury Pima Cotton Duvet Cover Set, proving that it’s the best investment for your bedroom.


What Does the Luxury Pima Cotton Duvet Cover Set Include?

With our Luxury Pima Cotton Duvet Cover Set you’ll receive both a duvet cover and pillow cases. With one purchase you can transform the look of your bed and ensure comfort from top to bottom.

Features of this Set

We designed every aspect of our Luxury Pima Cotton Duvet Cover Set to ensure you’ll like the look and functionality of it as much as you’ll enjoy sleeping on it.

Beautiful, Practical Colours that Work for All Bedrooms

Our experts picked four beautiful, versatile colours, namely:

  • Charcoal
  • White
  • Grey
  • Natural

These colours are found in many popular interior decorating colour palettes, so it’s easy to pick one that matches your existing bedroom look. Or perhaps it’s time for a change, and your new duvet cover will set the tone of the room?

Available Sizes

We want to make bedding shopping easy for all customers, which is why we cater for a wide audience. No matter the bed size you’re buying for, we can help.

Duvet Covers

From a smaller room with a double bed to an impressive suite with a Super King-sized bed taking centre stage, you’ll find a duvet cover that fits.

Size L W
Double 200 cm 200 cm
Queen 230 cm 200 cm
King 230 cm 220 cm
Super King 260 cm 230 cm


Shop according to the size of duvet inners you currently have, so there’s no need for additional expenses—unless you want to try one of our Down Duvet Inners?


Being flexible in our offerings helps our clients get the ideal bedding sets for their bedrooms. That’s why we also offer two different pillowcase sizes:

Size L W
Standard 45 cm 70 cm
King 50 cm 90 cm


Have a look at our sales page for this duvet set and you’ll see how easy it is to order exactly what you want. Only a few clicks to pick sizes and colours and you’re done!

What is Luxury Pima Cotton Exactly?

With Luxury Pima Cotton products in your bedroom, you get all you need and some characteristics that you probably haven’t realised the value of:

  • Comfort
  • Softness and texture
  • Durability
  • Easy maintenance

Much of the benefit is thanks to the unique type of fibres used to manufacture Pima Cotton. Instead of the short fibres found in most cotton products, Pima Cotton contains longer fibres measuring over 34mm. These fibres come from a specific cotton plant and they make the final product—such as your new Pima Cotton duvet cover—softer and more durable.

Its exceptional durability is what makes it easier to care for Pima Cotton products. They’ll last longer and won’t show wear and tear—such as pilling—as soon as other cotton linens.

See what a smart long-term investment you’re making in your room by sleeping under a Pima Cotton duvet?

320 Thread Count Explained

‘Thread count’. That term you’ll often hear when discussing bedding.

Does it really matter? Yes!

Thread count refers to how many vertical and horizontal threads you can count in every square inch of the fabric. It matters because with a higher thread count the fabric is softer to the touch and when it comes to bedding that means a more luxurious experience.

In addition, you can expect more durability when thread counts are high. This makes it worth spending a little more because you won’t have to replace that item as quickly as a low-thread-count sheet or duvet cover.

Don’t worry if you’re shopping on a tight budget though. At Comfy we make it our priority to deliver top-of-the-range products, such as our Luxury Pima Cotton range, at prices you can afford.

In the linen industry, high-end sheets have thread counts ranging from 200 to 400. Therefore, you can see our Luxury Pima Cotton Duvet Cover Set ranks among some of the best products on today’s market.


Who is the Luxury Pima Cotton Duvet Cover Set for?

With the luxurious sleeping environment a Luxury Pima Cotton duvet creates, almost anyone will benefit from purchasing one. However, if you fall into any of the following categories, here’s why this bedding set will especially be of value to you:

  • Hot sleepers: Pima Cotton doesn’t retain a lot of heat, which creates a cooler bed than many other fabrics. It’s also very breathable, which ensures an easy flow of air around your body and as a result you’re less likely to sweat and feel hot.
  • Individuals with sensitive skin: Pima Cotton is a favourite fabric for many people whose skin easily becomes irritable. Because it’s soft, with a smooth finish, it won’t easily irritate your skin and its breathability prevents sweating which can often aggravate skin conditions.
  • If you’re prone to sweating: As mentioned above, Pima Cotton can reduce sweating because it’s breathable. In addition, it wicks away moisture from your body so you’re more comfortable throughout the night, with less chance of waking up and getting less sleep than you need.


Top 3 Reasons Why Customers Love These Sheets

Being one of our top-selling products, it’s clear that many South African households value Pima Cotton duvet covers and pillowcases. But which details make them pick this range time and again?


Functional Set of Bedding

This duvet cover set is one of our innovative starter sets. Because pillow cases are included, this one purchase is enough to already give your bedroom a new, stylish look and feel.


Quality Fabric

Customers can’t get enough of this high-quality fabric. Pima Cotton is one of the highest quality cotton products in the world, and you’ll feel the difference once you sleep on a sheet or under a duvet containing these soft, luxurious fibres.


Value for Money

You’re getting the best bedding when you pick a Pima Cotton duvet cover but with Comfy the price is still reasonable. The longevity of these products also means you get more value for money than with many other bedding products that will soon require replacement.


How to Care for A Luxury Pima Cotton Duvet Cover Set

We’ve mentioned the easy maintenance associated with Pima Cotton products and this means the benefits of your new bedding stretch far beyond the bedroom. You’ll love them on laundry day too!

Because you can simply machine wash and even tumble dry them without causing damage, they’ll be fresh and folded in the cupboard without much effort.

We do suggest you stay away from fabric softener—you don’t really need it with this luxurious fabric anyway. Also, keep water and ironing temperatures low.

For more information and tips you can view our complete Pima Cotton Care Guide.


How does a Pima Cotton Duvet Cover Set Impact Your Health?

It’s clear that you’re buying quality if you invest in our Luxury Pima Cotton Duvet Set but can it actually affect your quality of life? Along with industry experts, Comfy believes your wellbeing will benefit.

For starters, comfort and breathability result in longer periods of sleep, since there’s less chance of you waking up because you feel hot. The luxurious feel of bedding can also help you feel better after an exhausting day. You’ll be more likely to relax and enjoy better quality sleep.

With more sleep and better sleep, you’ll feel more rejuvenated in the morning. You’re also giving your body more time to repair itself and reinforce your immune system and cardiovascular system. Quality sleep can even help regulate your metabolism and result in better focus during waking hours.


Bedding Must Haves for All Bedrooms

The Luxury Pima Cotton Duvet Cover Set is only one of the popular items and sets in our range. You can kit out your entire bedroom with quality linens that will enhance your comfort and help ensure proper rest at night:

  • Mattress protector
  • Pillow protectors
  • Pillows
  • Pillowcases
  • Duvet inners
  • Bed sheets
  • Bedding


Remember, with Comfy’s easy ordering system you can build your ideal bedding set by clicking on a few buttons.


Why Buy Your Duvet Set from Comfy?

You deserve a good night’s sleep and from the Comfy team’s side we do all we can to make that happen.


Affordable Luxury

Our product ranges only contain items of the highest standards because we don’t believe in compromise. Still, you can buy from us at reasonable prices that will benefit your budget.


Easy Ordering

No reason to waste time browsing brick-and-mortar stores. Comfy offers a streamlined ordering process that makes it easy to build a collection of bedding, bathroom and décor items you want and then place your order.


Friendly Service

Do you have a question? Our team members are ready to assist and friendly customer service is one of our main priorities.


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