How to Make Your Guestroom Look and Feel Like a Luxury Hotel Suite

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How to Make Your Guestroom Look and Feel Like a Luxury Hotel Suite


Open the door to a guestroom in most South African homes and chances are that both bedroom and bathroom areas have become the unofficial storage facility for the family. No chance of hosting visitors there. Or is your challenge that you want to advertise your garden cottage or Airbnb and get a new income stream?


So, clearly, it’s time for a change.


We compiled easy steps to upgrade the look and feel of your guestroom, so any guest will think they’re sleeping in a 5-star hotel. Here’s how a few changes to a bedroom or bathroom result in the ultimate in luxury and comfort.


Basic Tips for a 5-star Feel in Bedrooms and Bathrooms

When upgrading bedrooms and bathrooms, you don’t need a complete renovation. Keep to the following simple guidelines and you’ll create a more inviting space.


Avoid Clutter

Think of a hotel room and you probably envision a neat, minimalist room. Key to creating a space that anyone will enjoy walking into is having uncluttered rooms.


Open surfaces allow space for guests to place their personal items. Also, experts believe an uncluttered space is more calming, so you can optimise your guests’ experiences by removing excess and putting items inside cupboards instead of on the desk or visible shelves.


Use Neutral, Light Colours

No matter what colours you want to use in the guest bedroom or bathroom, stick to lighter hues. The multiple benefits include making a space feel more spacious, which is why light wall paint, carpets and curtains are wise.


Lighter hues also make it feel more hygienic as with white bedding and towels you clearly aren’t hiding marks on the linen. It doesn’t have to feel clinical, so you can still add personality with a bold-coloured throw or some scatter pillows. But bathroom towels and duvet covers are best purchased in white or at least light, neutral shades.


Increase Storage Space

Your guestroom is probably not the biggest in the house, but your guests need functionality as much as aesthetics to enjoy the stay and feel comfortable. Storage space is a major factor so a guest doesn’t have to clutter up the space once they unpack the basics like toiletries and clothes. If you need additional storage, consider the following:

  • Hooks behind the door to hang clothing.
  • A mobile hanging rack with hangers.
  • Bench of an appropriate size and height to place suitcases. The bed shouldn’t be the only option to place their luggage every time they want to open it. Also, if luggage is off the floor, it will make the room seem less cluttered.


Quality Matters

Doing a DIY renovation is possible on a budget, but with certain items you should never skimp on quality. Cheap alternatives can ruin the 5-star experience you’re after.


For example, a bathroom towel must impress and showcase luxury in both look and feel. With fluffy surfaces and soft fibres, it will look plush and comfort your tired guest after a refreshing shower.


Keep quality in mind when shopping for carpets, bedding, towels and objects like lamps that will be handled often.


The Most Important Features in the Bedroom

No need to feel overwhelmed when taking on the task of renovating your guest bathroom and bedroom. Implement these tips one at a time and eventually you’ll have the luxury look you’re after.


Making the Bed

The bed is the main feature so get this right and you’re well on your way.


The Bed

If you’re buying a bed, get a medium-firm mattress rather than one that’s too soft, since it offers support but is also cosy and comfortable. When using an existing bed, a deep clean is wise, so no guest can ever blame you for bed bug bites.



You can’t create the perfect sleeping space, because people’s preferences differ. However, you can create a room with options, so visitors are empowered to make adjustments to suit their unique needs:

  • Layer the bedding, using bed sheets and a duvet or blanket. Add additional bedding as decorative features, such as throw blankets over the bottom half of the bed. It’s up to guests what they want to use or remove at night.
  • Use quality bed linen that’s breathable and that can wick away moisture and keep hot sleepers comfortable. If someone feels cold, they can simply add a blanket.
  • With a firmer mattress, layer a blanket underneath the fitted sheet to add softness. Guests can remove it if they prefer a harder surface.



Part of the hotel charm is knowing your needs take priority from the moment you walk in. Give guests this same thrill by placing folded, plush towels on the bed. As soon as they walk in, they’ll know they can relax because you’ve thought of everything.


Something to Snack on

A snack bar is a typical feature of an extravagant hotel experience. Do you see them in Hollywood movies, wishing you could taste those pretzels too? Give guests this luxury feature by providing some eat and drink options.


You may not have space or the capital to add an entire mini fridge, so get creative:

  • Gift basket with sweet and savoury treats, left on the bed
  • Tray with snacks on the bedside table or desk
  • Coffee station with rusks in sealed bags
  • Voucher for a meal or snack at a nearby restaurant


Bedside Table Basics

Even in a small space, it’s vital to have a bedside surface, so position a small table next to the bed or use a floating shelf to save floor space if needed.


As mentioned, do not clutter this surface because guests need space for their personal items.


What you do need is a bedside lamp so guests can switch on a light without getting out of bed. Remember they are in unfamiliar surroundings, and you need to make sure they don’t bump their toes when getting up for water in the middle of the night.


Multi-purpose Mirror

At some point most guests will dress up, even just to enjoy breakfast with you. A luxury hotel will have a full-length mirror so guests can check their look and feel confident leaving the room, so hang one on the wall or a cupboard door.


A mirror also gives you an easy way to add decor without creating a cluttered feel.


Create an Atmosphere

You can impress through all the senses, so guests experience luxury living in all manners possible. A scented candle or room freshener will go a long way in giving the 5-star experience. Also, install a radio or TV so guests can enjoy their choice of audio and visual entertainment.


Window Treatments

When picking out window features, quality fabric is valuable but also consider functionality. For example, blinds that allow guests to control the amount of light entering the room help them create an environment they feel comfortable in.


Bathroom Basics for a Hotel Feel

How do you turn your bathroom into a spa-like space? Here are expert tips.


Towel Tips

Luxury amenities like heated towel rails aren’t essential, but if the budget allows it will instantly upgrade the room.


No matter where they’re stored, ensure you provide towels of the best quality, without any marks or tears. Texture and softness communicate quality without anyone even reading the label. It’s best to buy a towel set you only use for the guest bathroom and if you regularly have guests, implement proper towel care to maintain plushness.


Stock Up

In a hotel, guests feel looked after and you can recreate such an environment simply by providing enough of everything. From toilet paper to hand towels, make sure they don’t have to feel awkward coming to ask you for more.


Display it or store it in obvious places so guests won’t waste time looking for it.


Basic Essentials

Even if a guest arrives with just a change of clothes, your bathroom should contain all they need to feel rejuvenated. Keep these in a drawer at all times:

  • Hairdryer
  • Soap
  • Hand and body lotion
  • Individually wrapped toothbrush and mini-toothpaste sets
  • Face cloths


Lastly, prevent any chance of discomfort by providing plush bathroom mats on the cold tile floor.



How Many Towels do Guests Need?

Stock the bathroom with at least two towels for each guest. You can provide a combination of bath towels, bath sheets and hand towels, but make sure each person has at least two large-sized towels.


Hand Towels vs Guest Towels – What’s the Difference?

Guest towels are smaller than hand towels. A hand towel is usually about 90cm x 50cm. A guest towel measures 30cm x 50cm and you can add decorative ones that add aesthetic and functional elements.


What can I Use to Store Towels if I Don’t Have a Towel Bar?

Towel rings can still be stylish and they take up minimal wall space. You can also use a ladder towel rack for a non-permanent solution or roll towels up in an interesting manner and place them in a basket on the floor or on a shelf.


Luxury Living—Partner with Comfy

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And why limit yourself to the guest suite? With affordable pricing at Comfy, you can use bedroom linen and bathroom features to upgrade all your rooms, without breaking the bank.


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