How to Decorate a Small Bedroom Like a Pro and Maximise Space

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How to Decorate a Small Bedroom Like a Pro and Maximise Space


Is it your preference for living a minimalist lifestyle or local property prices that force you to pick a smaller home? No matter the reason, many South Africans face the challenge of finding the right way to decorate small spaces.


So how do you turn your tiny bedroom into a luxurious space? Is it even possible?




With tips from industry pros and the right assets such as the right bed, soft home bedding and quality window coverings, you’ll sleep in style, without feeling cramped.


Top 11 Tips for Decorating Small Bedrooms

Pick a few of the strategies below that will work in your bedroom. Some will require expert assistance, but there are also DIY tips and ideas that require fun online shopping.


Multi-purpose Furniture is a Must

Maximising space requires you to maximise functionality and health in the bedroom. If one piece of furniture can serve more than one purpose, you’ll still get optimal use of your room, but you’ll need fewer items inside.


You can order custom-built furniture, but modern manufacturers often cater for customers shopping for smaller spaces. Some suggestions to search for:

  • Beds with built-in storage
  • A desk that also serves as a nightstand
  • Storage box doubling as a seat
  • Couch beds that allow for reading or receiving guests during the day, and turn into comfortable sleeping quarters at night


Use Lines to Create the Illusion of More Space

The perception of the space will determine how cramped a small bedroom feels and luckily you can create the illusion that there’s more space than there really is. You can make a bedroom seem wider by using horizontal lines, so it feels less cluttered. Also, suggest that the ceilings are higher by adding vertical lines and as a result, the room can look more spacious.


You can create lines with different objects in the room, including:

  • Using planks for a headboard to create long horizontal lines
  • A 4-poster bed with tall columns creates vertical lines over a large part of the room
  • Hang items like lights or plants from the ceiling
  • Use the lines of the bed to elongate the room by positioning it opposite the door


Take Curtains Higher Up

You can enhance the effect of vertical lines when you put up curtains or blinds. By hanging them from just below the roof, rather than using rails fitted just above the windows, you’re creating the illusion of more height and spaciousness.



Rethink Vertical Space

There are other ways you can also use the additional space near the top of the roof. It may be difficult to reach but install cupboards or shelving to store items you don’t need on a daily basis. For example, your book collection can be a great feature above the door, instead of taking up floor space in a bookcase on the bedroom floor.


Pick the Right Colour Palette

The colours you pick will also affect the feel of the room. Many experts agree that using lighter hues, such as white, cream or grey is effective in making a room feel more spacious. However, if you love colour, don’t be scared to use it, because cool colours can also work.


Use colour correctly for the best effect, for example:

  • Paint most walls in a lighter colour but add one feature wall of a dark hue. This can effectively elongate the room.
  • Bright, fun colours can distract from the size of the room. Simply implement other techniques on this page as well, to prevent it from feeling too cluttered.
  • By using different colours on opposite walls you’ll prevent the feeling of entering a tunnel while giving the bedroom some character.


Invest in Quality Bedding

Not everything about decorating small spaces is about the size. Other elements also determine how much you’ll enjoy that room.


For a bedroom, even a small area should feel like a 5-star hotel room, right? You can’t ignore the fact that the room is small, but investing in soft, quality home bedding that creates the feeling of sleeping on a cloud will have you well on your way to luxurious living.


To enjoy this luxury experience every night, you need items like down bedding inners and pillow inners that are soft and keep their texture for a long time. Add quality bed sheets and duvet cover sets that will feel luxurious when you pull them over you, and you’ll have a bedroom that’s small, but very inviting and comfortable at the end of each day.


Bedding Should Carry the Theme

Another element of small bedroom decorating that your home bedding can help with is enforcing the theme you’re trying to bring across. For example, you can use white bedding if you decide on a light colour palette. The large piece of furniture with white bed sheets and a white duvet cover over the plush duvet inner will be impossible to ignore and it will enhance the feel you want to create.


You can also use other colours when picking out linen bedding and help create the look you’re after. Bed sheets that match décor, paint or furniture can create a sense of unity in the bedroom and prevent a cluttered effect.


Space Saving Décor Ideas

When you pick out the décor elements in the room, first consider items you already own instead of going shopping. Some of your accessories like hats, scarves or jewellery can serve as eye-catching décor. Mount a hat rack or jewellery stand on the wall so you can add some character to the room without using up floor space.


Swap Out Swing Doors for Sliding Doors

Yet another strategy to avoid using up floor space is removing traditional swing doors and installing sliding doors instead. This can work for the bedroom door as well as on cupboards. It makes it easier to position furniture because you don’t have to account for doors that may slam into objects when you open them.


Use Light to Your Benefit

Light is your best friend when planning how to decorate a small bedroom. Natural light automatically adds a sense of airiness to a room, no matter the size, preventing occupants from feeling too confined.


In a small bedroom, you must find ways to use that natural light optimally. For starters, move furniture away from the window if possible, so as much light as possible can be channelled into the room.


Next, you need to reflect that light throughout the space, increasing its effect. You can do it by using mirrors as part of your décor. Glass elements such as a transparent vase or a glass table will also help.


Don’t Use Up All Your Floorspace

As a last tip, continuously look for ways to free up floor space, because the more you see of the floor, the less cluttered and confined the bedroom will feel. Floating shelves help a lot because they add functionality without ruining aesthetics and feel. You can also install lamps on the wall or roof instead of using standing lamps.



How can You Make Small Spaces Appear Bigger?

Many features, including walls, the roof, the floor and furniture, affect how big a room appears. You can use light colour palettes to create a more spacious feel and pick out space-saving rather than bulky furniture. Match light-coloured walls with a darker ceiling and look for furniture that’s low on the ground.


What is the Best Colour Home Bedding for Small Bedrooms?

Experts often suggest white as an ideal colour for small bedrooms’ home bedding. However, you can pick out bed sheets and duvet sets in blue, green or grey colour palettes if you want to add some colour. These cool hues can help make a room seem bigger.


How can You Make a Small Space Look Stylish and Expensive?

Many small details can communicate luxury, style and elegance, even if a room is small. By investing in quality items such as a down duvet, all cotton sheets and durable rugs, you can communicate your appreciation of high-end living. Fresh flowers, an antique piece of furniture and smart home features all add to the overall impression of a luxury lifestyle.


How do You Personalise a Bedroom While Staying Trendy?

To personalise your bedroom, before you add anything, write down your favourite colours and use this as a guide in picking out your final colour scheme. Also, consider personal items you can put on display. Since sustainable living is a popular trend that’s here to stay, find DIY upcycling projects to help decorate the room, such as making your own pillows to place on top of stylish home bedding.


Comfy Makes Small Space Living Easy and Comfortable

At Comfy we can assist with both the aesthetic and functional value of your bedroom’s elements. We have bed sheets and duvet sets of different colours, so you can pick one that helps you with your decorating strategy. Also, our high-quality bedding inners—available in down and down alternative—give you the luxury every bedroom should have.


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