Duvet Inners—The #1 Room Essential to Keep You Comfy in Summer & Winter

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Duvet Inners—The #1 Room Essential to Keep You Comfy in Summer & Winter


Statistics show that around 50% of people in the US feel sleepy throughout the day. Here in South Africa, can you prevent being part of such a statistic by getting better sleep at night? After all, it’s worth ensuring sufficient, quality rest, since it affects many aspects of your general well-being. What many don’t realise is that your general comfort at night is key to how much shut-eye you’re getting.


Now for the good news!


Bedding, such as which duvet inners you use, can make all the difference in sleep comfort. And at Comfy we make it easy for South Africans to obtain the very best home bedding on the modern market.


Read on to discover how you can sleep more comfortably, whether you’re a cold or hot sleeper and no matter which season it is.


Quality Sleep—Why Your Duvet Matters

Have you ever considered how many factors determine whether you’ll have a good night’s sleep? If you’re still feeling tired in the morning, experts would advise you to look at the details of your lifestyle, including:

  • Whether you have a regular sleep schedule
  • The environment you sleep in, including temperature, light and how comfortable you feel
  • What you’ve consumed before going to bed, such as food types, caffeine or medication
  • The possibility of having a sleep disorder
  • Whether you’re experiencing stress that keeps you from relaxing
  • Distractions, including snoring


You may not be able to reduce stress or find an instant treatment for a sleep disorder. However, you’re not powerless and can improve sleep through various lifestyle changes.


When it comes to adjusting your sleep environment, duvet inners can be key in helping you create a more comfortable space that helps maintain the right temperature throughout the night. With a quality duvet containing the right fibres, it’s even possible for cold or hot sleepers to find nights more comfortable. And you don’t even need different duvet inners for different seasons.


Shop quality products like the ones on Comfy’s product list and one bedding purchase is all you need.


Comfy Duvet Inners—Bedding for All Year Round

With our duvet range, Comfy managed to find practical solutions that solve many people’s sleep challenges. Our duvets are suitable for all seasons because:

  • They’re soft and inviting to lie under during winter nights, making you feel cosy and safe from the cold.
  • On warmer summer nights you’ll appreciate their breathability which allows for temperature control.
  • Duvets are lightweight, so you won’t feel weighed down on hot nights.


We also understand that different sleepers prefer different products, so our duvet range includes two types. Read up on down and down alternative duvet inners so you can pick your ideal home bedding.


2 Types of Comfy Duvet Inners: Down vs Down Alternative

What is a Down Duvet Inner?

Our down duvet inners contain a mixture of goose down and feathers that are all ethically sourced. On the outside, you’ll find a 233-thread count casing made of cotton, which is cosy and breathable.


Who is a Down Duvet Inner for?

The down feathers create a soft and inviting sleeping environment, almost as if you’re sleeping inside a cloud. So, if you want to epitome of luxury living for your bedroom, a down duvet is what you need.


Also, if low winter temperatures get you down, you’ll love how warm you’ll sleep under a down duvet. Still, during summer the breathability of the natural fibres inside as well as in the cotton casing will prevent hot sleeping.


What is a Down Alternative Duvet Inner?

Instead of feathers, inside a down alternative duvet inner you’ll find synthetic fibres, usually made of polyester materials. They’re designed to mimic down feathers, so you still get an ultra-soft and cosy duvet, but with less chance of sparking allergies.


Who is a Down Alternative Duvet Inner for?

This is our quality purchase for anyone with allergies. Because these duvet inners don’t contain natural fibres, there’s a much lower risk of sparking an allergic reaction. So, get peace of mind that your bedding won’t make you sneeze, but you’ll still enjoy our duvets’ luxurious feel.


Also, if you’re shopping on a budget, you’ll appreciate the lower price of a down alternative duvet. And finally, many of our customers who prefer not using animal-related products, love our down alternative range, which includes down alternative pillows.


Comfy Duvet Inner Sizes

Our range of duvet inners caters for the whole family, so everyone can sleep comfortably.

Down Down Alternative L W
Double Yes Yes 200cm 200cm
Queen Yes Yes 230cm 200cm
King Yes Yes 230cm 220cm
Super King Yes Yes 260cm 230cm


Can’t Find What You’re Looking for?

If there’s a size or type of duvet inner you don’t see on our list, please let us know. Also, Comfy’s team is continually sourcing more options to add to our collections. So, keep checking our product list for new products that become available.


Duvet Inners Care Tips

Owning luxury duvet inners doesn’t mean you’ll spend more time or money caring for your new home bedding. The inners from Comfy are safe to wash in your washing machine, so laundry day is still a breeze.


Some tips to keep your down or alternative down duvet inners in excellent condition:

  • Use minimal detergent
  • Rather use liquid—not powder—detergent, because there’s less chance of it forming residue on the fibres
  • Wash and dry on cool cycles
  • You can air dry it, but avoid leaving it in direct sunlight
  • These duvets are safe to dry clean too


Bed Sheets—Why They Matter When Buying Duvet Inners

Most of us hope to recreate a hotel-like experience in our own bedrooms, right? Part of a luxury hotel’s strategy to give you a good night’s rest is to pair comfortable duvet inners with quality bed sheets:

  • Bed sheets and duvet covers must have soft fibres to help you feel comfortable when you slide inside the bed.
  • The bed sheets’ type of fibres determine the breathability of the bedding.
  • Some bed sheets can wick away moisture from your skin to ensure comfort throughout the night.


So, with the right Comfy duvet, you’re well on your way to experiencing more comfort and hopefully better quality sleep at night. However, other bedding features like quality cotton duvet cover sets and bed sheets should also be on your shopping list if you want to optimise your sleeping experience.


Bed Sheets Available at Comfy

While browsing for your duvet inners on Comfy’s online store, you can also stock your bed linen cupboards with quality bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet sets. Our range caters for various bed sizes, colour palettes and budgets.


Collections Colours Sizes Bedding Types
Cotton Rich

Pure Cotton

Luxury Pima Cotton









*Extra length and depth also available

Fitted sheets

Flat sheets

Duvet covers

Pillow cases


Duvet Inner FAQ

Can You Wash a Duvet Inner?

Yes, it’s safe to wash most duvet inners, including down and alternative down inners. Use colder cycles and limit the amount of detergent to prevent damage and build-up on fibres.


Can I Get an All-Season Duvet Inner?

Yes, if your duvet inner is soft and cosy, isn’t too heavy and still allows enough breathability, it can be comfortable throughout the year. Both down and down alternative duvets are appropriate for summer and winter use.


Can I Sleep with Just a Duvet Inner, Without a Duvet Cover?

Yes, you can use your duvet inner without a duvet cover. However, make sure not to damage the protective covering. If there are rips in the fabric the duvet will shed its contents, such as feathers or other fibres. Also, it’s much easier to wash a duvet cover than an entire duvet, so think carefully and rather put your duvet inside a cover, so you have bedrooms that are comfortable but also low maintenance.


How Often Must I Wash my Duvet Inner?

As with other home bedding, duvets must be washed regularly, because they can contain allergens like dust mites and dead skin. Wash your duvet inners every few months, but at least every 6 months.


Duvet vs Comforter—What’s the Difference?

Duvets and bed comforters are made of different fabrics and have different inners. In most cases, duvets are softer and feel more snug thanks to features like the down feathers inside. A comforter is usually flatter in shape and not as effective at insulating you during colder evenings.


How Often Should You Replace Your Duvet?

Duvets need replacing because after a while allergens may be trapped inside and they can also lose their shape. The lifespan of a duvet depends on the type, quality and how well you care for it. In general, duvets need to be replaced after 2 to 5 years.


Which Comfy Duvet Inner Will You Sleep Under from now on?

With our different types and sizes of duvet inners, Comfy makes it easy to get your ideal, quality bedding online, that will keep you comfortable throughout the year.


And don’t forget your bed sheets!


Our collections cater for all you need to get the good night’s rest you’ve been hoping for.


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