Comfy’s Quality Bed Pillows—Key to a Good Night’s Sleep

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Comfy’s Quality Bed Pillows—Key to a Good Night’s Sleep

Are you giving every important aspect of your bedroom enough consideration? If you haven’t invested in proper bed pillows in the past year or two, you could be putting your sleep quality—and even your health—at risk.

Yes, your old bed pillows could be part of the reason why you’re not feeling rested in the morning.

So, while shopping for bedding, don’t simply order new duvet sets or fitted sheets. Browse Comfy’s range of quality down and down alternative pillows.


The Importance of a Quality Pillow

Protect Your Spine

You probably don’t give your pillow a second thought, but experts know the many ways it determines a person’s well-being. Consider that along with your mattress, your pillows are responsible for keeping your spine, hips and shoulders aligned. Without alignment, there’s unnecessary strain on your spine and over time you can start experiencing discomfort such as back pain.


Instead of waiting until your body warns you that there’s an issue, rather adjust your sleeping position now, which usually requires a new pillow. This one bedding purchase can help improve sleep posture and so prevent a lot of health problems down the line.


Customised for Your Comfort

It won’t work to pick just any pillow you find. Your body and preferences are unique, requiring a bed and pillow that will accommodate you in the following ways:

  • Bed pillows must be the right height to ensure comfort while you sleep.
  • The pillow’s shape and density must help support your neck, which has its own natural, unique curve.
  • With the right pillow shape, firmness and height, your neck, lower back and chest will be in correct alignment.
  • The bed along with the bedding and pillows should enhance general comfort, such as helping to keep you cool on hot nights.


Quality Sleep for Overall Wellbeing

When you sleep well, many restorative processes can take place:

  • Your body rests
  • Toxic elements are expelled
  • The body repairs cells
  • There’s a release of essential elements, including proteins and hormones


You can imagine that if something like the wrong pillow causes discomfort and results in you waking up multiple times each night, your body is not getting the rest it needs. This makes it clear why your next pillow is such a vital investment in your health.


Remember, this is relevant for old and young. Parents should manage their kids’ well-being from a young age by creating child-friendly bedrooms that benefit their bodies in as many ways as possible. Having the correct bed linen and bedding—from quality pillow cases to the best duvet inner—is part of this!


Now you know why it’s valuable to be able to pick the size, comfort type and filling of your pillow, as is the case when you shop at Comfy. We help you find a pillow inner that helps you sleep soundly, ensures correct sleeping posture and results in waking up rejuvenated.


Comfy’s Quality Pillow Range

These days you’ll find many types of pillows on the bedding market, but Comfy identified a few of the best ones you can pair with your new duvet set or other bed linen purchases. Our range caters for different sleepers, so you can customise your bedroom to your unique needs.


Down Pillows

Down pillows contain a natural product sown inside a high-quality fabric. In this case, it’s the feathers of birds like ducks, swans and geese. On birds, you’ll find these ultra-soft feathers underneath the protective, waterproof feathers on the underbelly or chest of the bird.



  • Soft down feathers create a soft, comfortable space to place your head at night.
  • Excellent airflow between the feathers regulates temperature. With less chance of getting too hot at night, you’re improving your sleep quality.
  • Lightweight pillow.


Who Should Buy This Pillow?

  • Anyone who likes a fluffy pillow
  • Hot sleepers
  • Those willing to pay a little more to ensure value for money


Down Alternative Pillows

Down alternative pillows contain synthetic fibres instead of natural feathers. With Comfy this is encased in a luxurious exterior while the filling imitates down, giving you a comfortable surface to sleep on.


In the absence of natural particles, there’s less chance of the pillow inner sparking allergic reactions.



  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Lower price range


Who Should Buy This Pillow?

  • Anyone that’s easily susceptible to allergens may find a down alternative pillow results in less sneezing and headaches
  • Shoppers with a tight budget
  • Individuals who avoid using animal-based products
  • Parents looking for asthma and allergy-friendly products for kids’ rooms


Pillow Specifications

Picking between down and down alternative is the starting point when picking a pillow inner. However, our range also offers various other choices to enable you to customise your purchase and get pillows that will carry aesthetic and practical value for your bedroom.


Pillow Sizes

You can pick either Standard or King-sized pillows when shopping at Comfy.


Description L W
Standard 70cm 45cm
King 90cm 50cm


Which Size Pillow do You Need?

You can consider the following when deciding on pillow sizes:

  • What will you feel comfortable sleeping on?
  • Which size will suit the size bed?
  • Are you shopping for functionality only, or do you need additional pillows for decorative purposes? Pick different sizes so you can get creative arranging pillows on the bed.


Pillow Inner Comfort Options

Because your body and preferences are unique, our team sourced pillows that differ in their density and how they cater for your comfort. Whether you prefer Soft or Firm support, Comfy has options to suit your needs. By customizing your pillow in this way, there’s a greater chance of comfort, spine alignment and long-term health.


Pillow Prices

You may use cost as an important characteristic of what’s best for your home. By providing both down and down alternative pillows, Comfy delivers quality products for different price categories. You’ll find down alternative pillows at a lower price point, enabling consumers to get quality, affordable bedding.


Down pillows are more expensive, but it’s understandable when one considers the sourcing and manufacturing processes. This results in high-quality pillows that give you value for money.


Caring for Pillows

Pillow maintenance does depend on the type of pillow you pick, but all Comfy’s pillows are machine washable and safe to put in the dryer as long as there’s no heat. It’s best to avoid bleach and while you shouldn’t leave the pillows in the sun, you can air dry them. This makes them the perfect pillow type during those pesky loadshedding times.


Pillows FAQ

Do I Need to Wash my Pillows? How Often?

Yes, pillows need a wash from time to time, since particles like dead skin cells and oils from your hair remain on pillow cases and in your pillow. After a while, this creates an unhygienic environment that can spark allergic reactions, or even result in bacteria growing in the pillow.


Wash pillows every few months, never waiting more than 6 months between washes—more often if your pets lie on the bed sometimes. By maintaining a cleaner sleeping environment you’re helping to prevent issues such as dust mites causing allergies to act up.


How Often Should You Replace Your Pillows?

Experts advise replacing pillows every 1 to 2 years. This helps prevent the impact of allergens and mould that washing can’t completely remove.


What’s the Difference Between Down and Feather Bedding?

Both down and feather bedding and pillows have feathers inside, but the feathers are different. In feather pillows, you’ll find feathers that contain quills, usually from birds’ backs and wings. This is also why you may find it uncomfortable to use feather pillows. The hard quills can be abrasive and sharp to the touch if they push through the pillow cover.


In contrast, down pillow inners and bedding only contain quill-free parts of feathers. Usually, they originate from a goose or duck’s chest or underbelly, resulting in luxuriously soft bedding that offers good insulation.


Will my Down Pillow go Flat?

Quality pillow inners will keep shape for a long time but be prepared for a down pillow going flat after some time. There are ways to get it close to its original state, such as fluffing it up manually or putting it in the dryer.


Bedding to Complement Your Pillows

It’s clear that your pillows play an important role in your general well-being, but don’t underestimate the power of other bedding and bathroom items in managing your health:

  • Pick between down and down alternative duvets for better heat management or allergy-free sleep.
  • Cotton bedding like our Supa Pima cotton range allows for great airflow. This can prevent you from waking up at night because of discomfort and hot sleeping.


As mentioned, it’s vital to manage your sleep quality if you want to feel rested and allow your body time to recuperate, which makes your bedding an important bedroom buy.


Let Comfy Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Comfy is passionate about helping you create happy spaces at home, and our pillow range is key to getting it right. Talk to our friendly team if you have any questions or start browsing for your pillows and bedding now—so you can catch the z’s your body deserves.


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