Choosing the Best Linen for an Airbnb in South Africa

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Choosing the Best Linen for an Airbnb in South Africa


When it comes to attaining that 5-star rating in your Airbnb, it’s not just about the location and appearance of the accommodation, but rather the customer experience. A bad night’s sleep is an experience that customers will not forget, which is why choosing the best linen for your Airbnb should be a top priority.


If you are looking to create the best Airbnb experience for your guests, we at Comfy have some helpful tips to ensure that no one has a sleepless night and that your ratings stay up by ticking a few very important boxes! High luxury towels and linen are possible for your establishment. Let’s show you how.

Finding the Best Fit

Everyone has their preference when it comes to the type of bedsheet they choose and each has their own set of benefits. Sure a fitted option is most definitely a time saver, but when it comes to providing quality, guests need to know that their Airbnb host was willing to go the extra mile to provide the ultimate bedtime experience.


Many hotels and rental properties will choose to use flat sheets as they are quick to remove when it comes to the turnaround time for new arrivals, making guest prep an easy task.


Fitted sheets, on the other hand, are a good time-saving option and they contain an elastic element that prevents them from slipping off.


Thread Count

Thread count can get those Airbnb fans either frothing or franticly looking for another option for the night. If you didn’t think that thread count was a vital element that needed to be factored in, we at Comfy can tell you that it most certainly is.

This will play a big part in your Airbnb guest experience and yes those people who check the specs of bedding exist and they could very well end up at your Airbnb.

As an Airbnb host, you want to provide your guests with more than their average night’s sleep at home. From bedsheets to duvet covers, Airbnb customers want a different experience compared to their every night’s sleep at home.


The three main choices here are polycotton, cotton, or Egyptian cotton. Polycotton, however, should be avoided as it doesn’t breathe well, which will leave your guests hot and sweaty.


To make this experience memorable for guests, hosts should lean towards purchasing a luxury 800-thread count product. Yes, this number seems high and most likely pretty pricey, but the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet, and the longer it will last.


If an 800 thread count is just not within the budget, the general rule to remember when aiming to get that 5-star rating is that a 300 thread count should be the minimum that you provide for guests.


If variety is what you are looking for then you can also check out the following different types of fabrics such as:


  • Microfiber sheets are created in a way that allows them to be woven extra tight and wrinkle-resistant. This allows for easy stain removal, quick drying, and strength. Yes, the name doesn’t scream luxury, but it is a good option for those looking to stick to a budget for their Airbnb.



  • African cotton and Pima cotton, which provide a luxurious cotton feel that we at Comfy can provide.


  • Bamboo is a renewable resource that stays cool, as well as looks and feels luxurious. Sustainability is super popular right now and some of the best luxury Airbnb’s make use of renewable bamboo in their products.

Invest in Quality

When we enter the bedroom of an Airbnb, the duvet cover is the first thing we see. The look alone of the duvet cover can make or break the customer’s vision of what their night’s sleep will be like.


Putting in the effort of selecting a quality duvet cover is a worthwhile investment as it provides a level of protection for the actual duvet, and makes maintaining the bedding easier. Sure, some Airbnb hosts may feel that a comforter is easier, but Comfy is here to tell you that duvet covers are machine-washable and inexpensive to care for, making them more cost-effective than comforters.


Plus, when guests leave, you’ll only need to wash the cover, instead of dry cleaning the entire duvet each time.


What to Look For When Choosing the Best Duvet Cover

There are several factors you should consider when choosing a the best bedding for your Airbnb and we at Comfy are here to share these useful points with you:


  • Material: Material duvet covers can be made from a variety of different materials, meaning that each type will require different maintenance procedures. Materials such as cotton, linen, and silk are popular for their breathability, softness, lightweight feel, and ease of maintenance. This makes them a great choice for both the Airbnb guest, as well as host.


Areat option for those cold winter nights is flannel, as it will keep your guests nice and warm and toasty as it traps heat and moisture. Some polyester and cotton-poly blends are also popular for their cost-effective appeal and they also tend to be more durable and lightweight.


  • Size: Size is an important factor when selecting the best duvet covers to ensure that your 5-star rating isn’t affected by couples trying to fight over duvet coverage during their night stay. Duvet covers come in standard bed sizes, making it easy for you to find the perfect one to fit the size of the bed.


A useful tip to remember is that the duvet cover should be just slightly larger than the duvet to ensure that the duvet’s inner itself is fully covered and can hold the shape.


  • Visuals: Visuals are an important factor in creating a satisfying experience for Airbnb guests, which makes the design of the bedding important for guests to feel that luxurious element to their stay.


Dedicating time to selecting a range of quality designs, will allow hosts to save time when reaching for that new bedding between guests. Duvet designs can change the appearance of the bedroom, providing each guest with a new experience.


Shower Hour

Towels provided in your Airbnb can speak volumes too.  Taking a shower can be one of the first things that a guest chooses to do when arriving at your Airbnb, making the products in the bathroom extremely important.


A host should provide bath and hand towels, as well as beach towels, should the property be near a beach or swimming pool. A handy tip for Airbnb hosts is to provide a make-up removal option as well. This can help guests avoid using their bath towels for everything, which creates a challenge for hosts when it comes to removing stains.


When choosing bathroom linen, a host should consider elements such as the feel, absorbency, drying time, stain resistance, and durability.


With Comfy, we provide a range of bath towels to tick all the boxes when it comes to providing a quality bathroom experience for your Airbnb. From our Ultra-light, to specifically created to be gentle yet durable, these fast-drying and versatile 380gsm African Cotton towels are perfect for providing guests with comfort and are available in neutral tones of White, Grey, Charcoal, and Natural.


Why stop there? We also have a Super Plush range, which features 630gsm, making this 100% pure African cotton collection the highest level of luxury in the bathroom.


Airbnb Tips


  • Make sure to provide two complete sets of towels per bedroom.
  • Replace the shower and hand towels every 3-6 months.
  • Replace beach towels every year.


Comfy Has It All!

For the best linen for your Airbnb in South Africa, Comfy has it all! From our Pure Cotton and Luxury Pima Cotton bedsheets of 300 + thread count to our down duvet inners and our selection of pillows and pillowcases. These are available in our range of Classic Cotton Rich, Signature Cotton, and Luxury Pima Cotton, making it effortless to provide your guests with the best.


Let Comfy Give You That 5-Star Rating!

With our quality products, Comfy’s ticks all the boxes for the best Airbnb experience. When guests leave an Airbnb, the top factor that their rating is based on is comfort and sleep.


Both of these factors can be successfully accommodated by taking the time to select the best products for your Airbnb in South Africa, which, if you look carefully, is not that difficult to find!


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