Buying Your Linen Online vs In-Store Purchasing

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Buying Your Linen Online vs In-Store Purchasing

With online purchasing becoming more and more the norm in South Africa, this begs the question, “Is it better to buy my linen online, or directly from a store?” Considering the fact that most people prefer the touching and feeling of their duvet covers before they hand over their credit card details, let’s look at what should be considered when buying your linen online.


An Assurance of Quality

The thing about buying your duvet covers at a store is that you never actually know whether or not the quality is good. It takes a reputable company with a good standing service record to convince most people to buy—well, just about anything.

So, how do you know you’re getting what a website tells you you’re getting? In SA, the Pure Cotton mark certifies that a product is made from 100% pure cotton. The same can be said for Pima Cotton, one of the most internationally recognised types of cotton on the planet. Only real Pima Cotton can be labelled as such, and therefore carries with it an unrivalled guarantee of quality in the bedding and linen industry.

So look out for these marks of quality. They are your guarantee that your online shopping is covered with the quality they claim.


Reputation of an Online Linen Store

A good reputation is easy to claim, but most of the time it speaks for itself. Here’s what one client had to say about shopping online at

“Building our starter duvet cover set was so much fun. The available colours are timeless and I loved that we could choose different colour combinations for pillowcases and duvet covers. The FAQ was super helpful and our budget went a long way to get everything we needed for our home. Will definitely be buying all my linen from Comfy in future.”

To get an idea of what kind of a reputation your online linen store has, do a bit of research. You’ll soon get a feel for what other customers think about that store. After all, you’re trusting this company to deliver on their promises of quality, keep your payment information safe, and deliver your products in a timely fashion.

Here’s what another online shopper had to say:

This was such a pleasant shopping experience and I can’t wait to make my bed with the new Pima cotton sheets and duvet. We found the bundles very appropriate for the average household and thank you for giving us the flexibility to customise colours within a bundle. Now we have bedroom and bathroom linen we both love. Also appreciate the user friendly checkout navigation, the detailed cart to easily double check my order and how quick I received the order confirmation via email.


Ease of Shopping and Purchasing

Walking around a physical linen store has its perks. You can choose individual products based on how they look, how they feel and what the price tag says. For this reason it’s important to consider the ease of shopping while purchasing home bedding online.

Spoilt for Choice

A good online bedding store will always gives you lots of choices during the browsing and ordering process. A variety of options gives you more motivation to shop online for your duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases.

Great colour combinations should also be available, so that you as the online shopper don’t feel too constrained by the options available. All-in-all, you should feel as if you’re spoilt for choice when shopping for your home bedding online.

Good Deals on Bundles

Discounted bundles is one of the many ways where online shopping beats physical shopping. Bundles are presented on screen and can be “gathered up” with the click of a button. A good example of this is Comfy’s Starter Bundle where you get everything you need for one bed at a discounted rate for buying more than one item!

Secure Payment

The same way you hide your pin when punching it into a card machine, your online purchase should be safe and simple. Only buy from an online linen store if they can guarantee that all payments are secure and encrypted.

Access to Product Information

Since you can’t speak to a floor attendant while shopping online, make sure you’re able to get all the information you need about the products you’re buying. Usually a good FAQ section will encourage you to feel at ease about buying your linen online. Another option is engaging with someone who works for the online store via chat or email.

Ultimately, if you have any questions, they should be answered promptly and honestly.

Word-of-Mouth Reviews

Friends and family often refer products or shops to each other. Today, we have online testimonials that give us an objective view of what a shopping experience is like. Browse around Facebook and Google to see what other online shoppers have to say about the store you’re considering buying from. If those reviews are good, chances are you’ll enjoy your online spree.


Accurately Depicted Products

Another important factor to look out for when shopping for your home bedding online is images that actually look like the products you’re buying. If images have been sourced from image engines or other websites, steer clear! You can trust a site that shows you THEIR products in a simple, clear way.

Infosec wrote a helpful article on how to spot fake websites selling fake products. So, do your research first. If you want to experience the convenience and ease of online shopping for your duvet inners, pillows, and home bedding; be sure to use an online store that posts verified images of their products.

One-Stop Shopping

For some, online shopping is lots of fun (even therapeutic). For others, it’s a bit tedious. Either way, as an online shopper you already know that getting everything you want from one site is essential to your convenience. You certainly don’t want to buy your duvet inner from one place and have to find your fitted sheets at another, right?

Shop at an online bedding store where you can get everything you need in one shop, one payment and one delivery. It makes your life easier, and chances are you’ll shop there again in the near future!


Adequate Product Descriptions

In order to get all the information you need about the products you’re considering, make sure you shop at an online store where products are properly described. Good online stores have nothing to hide, and will display everything you need to know about the product you’re buying; including:

  • How to care for it properly
  • What the quality is like
  • Where it comes from
  • Where it is manufactured
  • How long it will last if properly cared for

You’ll notice that Comfy provides you with a lot of information on how to care for your new duvet cover set, as well as our other products. We explain to you how to wash, dry and iron our products to ensure a long lasting purchase.

Fast and Free Delivery

Buying something from a shop means you pay for it and take it home immediately. Shopping online means you have to wait for your products to arrive—which is something of a drag for many. That’s why quick delivery is a massive plus when ordering from an online bedding store.

While many stores will take up to 7 or even 14 days to deliver, a good online linen store will deliver your goods within 2-3 working days regardless of where in South Africa you reside. That’s pretty good service, don’t you think?


Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

After reading this blog, you may have some questions that need answering. Here’s a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received regarding online linen purchases, duvet cover sets, and more.

Can I track My Order After a Purchase?

Yes, you can. Once your online purchase is complete, shipping is typically done the next day. You can track your order via the confirmation email you will receive. So check your inbox, and wait 3-4 days or less for delivery.

What is the Most Comfortable Linen?

According to international blogger, Lexi Sachs, pure cotton is considered the most comfortable bedding in the world. That’s why Comfy recommends its products so highly, because we supply duvet covers, sheets and towels made from 100% cotton!

Does a Comfy Gift Card Make a Good Wedding Present?

A Comfy gift card makes an excellent wedding gift! The received gets to choose their own linen online based on their needs and preferences. You can purchase a gift card here and we’ll email it to the bride- or groom-to-be.

What’s Cooler? Cotton or Polyester?

Good question! Cotton is typically for those who want a cooler bed at night. Pima cotton is for those looking for super soft bedding that’s still cool at night. So the best thing to do is to get both and see for yourself just how comfortable they are.

Polyester on the other hand doesn’t breathe as well as cotton. This may cause you to sweat during the night. Cotton absorbs and dries the moisture from your body, making it the most comfortable linen material in the world.


Final Thoughts

Remember, buying your linen online from Comfy means you will receive a significant discount on your purchase. Why? Because Comfy distributes its products exclusively online. We have negated the expenses of shop keeping and have opted instead to modernise our business by allowing you to order directly from the comfort of your favourite chair.

And adding to that, you not only save on your linen, but you also save on fuel costs!

Happy shopping!


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